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St. Sebastian’s School is affiliated to the CISCE and oversees the ICSE (X) and ISC (XII) examinations.

The Junior School has the system of grading to judge the students’ academics. Each class is under the supervision of a single teacher who teaches all the subjects and interacts with the students for their betterment in academics.

Nursery-Kindergarten : Introduction to alphabets and numbers and small words and extended playtime for the aid of developing the students. From KG II the child is introduced to the study of a vernacular language of choice which is Hindi or Bengali.

From Class 3 the student is introduced to Social Studies which include History, Civics and Geography. The students are also given a chance to show their responsibility as the best students from the past 6 years and are chosen to be junior school leaders to lead their fellow students.

Middle School (Classes 5-8) introduces the beginning of specialized teaching instruction for separate subjects to improve the knowledge and conceptualized skills of the students to higher level of study of the subjects already being taught.

From Class 6 onwards – Physics, Chemistry and Biology are introduced as separate subjects in the Science group. Regular practical demonstrations are showcased for the children in class. Introduction of 3rd language is also compulsory. Students who have excelled in academics as well as extracurricular activities are given the chance to be middle school leaders to lead their juniors.

Senior School (Classes 9-10) Students may choose either the Science or Commerce Stream. English and 2nd Language (Vernacular), History Civics and Geography are compulsory. For Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics along with Computer Application) is offered to the Science students along with Computer Application. For the Commerce section Commercial Studies and Economic Application is offered.

Class 9-12 : Periodical visits to the laboratory for practical experiments with examinations is conducted.

Class 10 : Students attempt their 1st Board examination. The school conducts 2 pre-board examinations for students to improve in their academics and how to acquaint themselves while attempting their First Board Examination (ICSE).

Class 11 and 12 : English is a compulsory subject as well as Hindi/Bengali. For Science students the subjects offered are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and any one of the following – Biology or Computer Science.

Commerce Students are offered Commerce, Accounts, Economics, Hindi/Bengali and any one of the following – Mathematics or Business Studies.

Humanities: The subjects offered are History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology and Hindi/Bengali.

Class 12 : Students who have worked well for the school in the field of academics, co-curricular activities as well as sports are given the opportunity to be a part of the Students’ Council and have the powers to execute the tasks assigned to them.



St. Sebastian’s School has a large playground with facilities opposite the School.

The school organizes annual sports and games activities for the students. The four houses are well represented and the games are held in a high and competitive spirit.

Extracurricular Activities : Students are encouraged to participate in various Club and Co-curricular activities. Debate, Quiz, Spell-Bee, Nature Club, Social Service (Visiting the Old Age Home and Help Age India, contributing towards Cancer Society, distribution of food to the poor on Tuesday and providing for Under-priviliged Children), Wild Life -Save The Tiger Project, Dramatics, Singing, Dancing, Essay Competition, Sandwich Making Competition and Flower Arrangement are the activities provided by the school. The School requires students’ participation as compulsory for all School related functions. Parents are requested to encourage their child/ children to participate in such activities or events.

Special Assembly Days : Beside regular Assembly; Students of the four Houses viz; St. Mathew, St. Mark, St. Luke and St. John are encouraged to participate and conduct a special Assembly on Feast days. More importantly the school as a whole community and family come together to conduct the special Assembly for our School Feast Day i.e., St. Sebastian’s Feast. The Assembly are always based on a theme or moral.

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  • Founder’s Day Celebration 2016
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  • Investiture Ceremony 2016
  • Founder’s Day Celebration 2016
  • Mr. Krishnamachari Srikkanth's Visit
  • Rabindra Jayanti Celebration