• Independence Day Celebrations - 2016 : Our Nation’s 70th Independence Day was celebrated with much fervor and passion. The students from Nursery to Class XII participated in honouring our country’s heroes who laid down their lives for our freedom.. The tiny tots danced to patriotic songs waving the National Flag dressed in the most vibrant national colours. The Junior School performed a beautiful dance with the Junior School Choir singing “We Shall Overcome” in English, Hindi and finally in Bengali. Class Three presented a beautiful skit portraying how the British enslaved us and through the great sons of the soil, like Mahatma Gandhi (Bapu), Jawaharlal Nehru, Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Lal Bahadur Shashtri, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and so many others, we obtained freedom. They children carried their costumes well and enacted their parts. Patriotic poems were well recited by Debolina Mondal and Sreejita Maity from Class IIIA in Bengali; Ruchika Prasad from Class III C in Hindi and finally from the Senior School, Hritik Sarkar of Class XIA. The Senior School girls danced to a beautifully arranged medley of songs: Vande Mataram (by A. R. Rahman), Desh (from the movie Fanna) and finally Vande Mataram once again (by Kavitha Krishnamurthy) paying homage to the nation. A tribute was paid to the Jawan who is constantly vigilant, day and night, protecting our borders from our enemies. A paranormal play written by Mashira Ambareen of how the spirit of a dead soldier who died protecting our borders, returns to bring victory through another soldier presently fighting on bravely in the same place and in a similar situation which he experienced and died fighting to protect our motherland. As Mashira Ambareen read out the play four of our students acted out the storylines. It was heart rendering and in a moment realization dawned upon us, of how we take for granted the peace provided to us by our brave soldiers. Songs were sung to the accompaniment of the guitar played by Sebastian Romeo Makhal (XII C) and the synthesizer played by Antariksh Venkatarman (XI A). The songs sung were ‘Chunnar’ by Arjit Singh and ‘Vande Mataram by Lata Mangeshkar. The programme was well hosted by Abhilasha Singh (Head Girl). At the end of the programme our Principal, Dr. M. P. Rozario and Ma’am Mrs. Rashmi Rozario shared their views on Independence Day and thanked the children for presenting the programme which was well planned and executed.
  • The Final of the Inter-House Football Tournament was played out on Friday 11th August. Red House (St. Mathew) and Blue House (St. Luke) teams assembled on the ground looking very enthusiastic and excited to commence the match and win the Bruno Rozario Memorial Trophy. Bruno Rozario was the fifth son of our Founder Mr. Christopher Rozario. He was a great athlete and an excellent sportsman who excelled in football. He was the Captain of his School’s team and was a much sought after footballer even representing many local clubs. There were predictions that one day he would soon adorn a famous club jersey. But fate denied him the honour and his demise at the age of 18 years was a shock not only to his family but to all his well wishers. The week began with much rain and the effects of a severe depression. After three days of rain and overcast weather the skies cleared and there was plenty of sunshine. The teams showed some great talent and ball control, but it was Blue House (St. Luke) which opened their account through Tuhin Saha from Class XIIA. Red House (St. Mathew), were never given a chance to equalize as the solid defence of the Blue House (St. Luke) team foiled every attack. It was not long before Tuhin moved forward and slammed in his second goal. The final whistle was blown and the triumphant Blue House (St. Luke) team broke out in ecstasy as they were crowned the Bruno Rozario Memorial Trophy Soccer Champion House of 2016. Commiserations to Red House (St. Mathew), better luck next year. Later in the afternoon of 11th August, the Daddies of the students of St. Sebastian’s School gathered at the grounds to play in the ‘Daddies’ Football’ match organized by St. Sebastian’s School. For the 7th consecutive year ‘Daddies’ Football’ was organized by the School Management. Many of the fathers entered their names but 30 were chosen by a draw of lots. Two teams were pitted against each other; they were ‘Manchester United’ and ‘Real Madrid’. The Daddies showed immense skill and stamina and it was Daddy Sujit Kr Mondal which opened the scoring for Real Madrid with a super header. Barely a minute later Daddy Md. Kamal Reza the captain of Manchester United equalized after a melee near the far right post. The game went into the second half and it was the Man of the Match, Daddy Sanjeev Singh who scored for Real Madrid from an acute angle to take the lead and seal the outcome of the game. After both matches were over Dr. M. P. Rozario our School Principal congratulated all participants for making both matches interesting. He later handed over the Winner’s and Runner’s Up medals to all the players before finally presenting the Winner’s Trophy. There were victory chants as the Blue House (St. Mathew) Captain Md. Wahabuddin of XII-A raised the Bruno Rozario Memorial Trophy. Snacks and refreshments were served to conclude an eventful day. The Daddies on their part reciprocated their best wishes to Principal Sir and Mrs. Rashmi Rozario Ma’am by presenting them with floral bouquets and Mementos.
  • The Annual Spelling Competition was held today from among contestants of the different Sections of Classes of I and II. The competition was contended with much enthusiasm by our little geniuses. They faced the challenge of spelling the words asked of them with eagerness and passion. It was truly a joy to witness the event. The chances they took even in the rounds with negative marking, was commendable. Spelling Competition - Class I: 1st Chitrodeep Das and Rudranil Banerjee – (120 points) 2nd : The runners-up were all the remaining Sections each scoring 100 Points. Class IB represented by Rajdeep Naskar and Saisubham Sutar; Class 1C represented by Abhisek Prasad and Numaan Akhter and 1D represented by Syed Ayan Ahmed and Md. Akram Shakil. Spelling Competition - (Class II) : 1st Saakshi Roy and Pintu Panjiyara – IIC (235 Points) 2nd Md. Faimi Akhtar and Faiz Ahmad – IIB (220 Points) 3rd Shubam Santra and Suman Das – IIA (215 Points) Spelling Competition Junior School (Class III - V) 1st Yellow House : Nandini Ram - IIIC, Suhana Azim - IVC and Shubojit Das – VA (80 Points) 2nd Joint : Green House : Debojyoti Alam – IIIA; Sk. Sarfaraz Alam – IVA and Sadique Sharfuddin VD Red House: Sougata Mondal – IIIA, Afnam Aslam – IV B and Sania Salahuddin – VD (65 Points each) 3rd : Blue House : Ayan Mondal – IIIA, Md. Raiyan IVA and Sayan Debnath – VA (60 Points)
  • The Annual Drawing Competition was held on 5th August 2016 was a huge success. It was difficult to choose the winners from among our budding artists. The children used their beautiful imagination and talents to illustrate an array of colourful pictures. The winners were finally chosen after much deliberation. The results are: Drawing Competition : Class I 1st Chitrodeep Das Class – I A 2nd Md. Afzal Class – I D 3rd Subhayu Das Class – I A Drawing Competition Class II 1st Anusa Nahid Class – II B 2nd Ahana Ghosh Class – II A 3rd Shiya Shaw Class – II A Drawing Competition Junior School (Classes III – V) 1st Krishna Goswami – V C 2nd Neha Singh – V D 3rd Himadri Saha – V D
  • The Drawing Competition for Class II was held on Wednesday 3rd August 2016. The winners were declared
  • The Spelling Bee competition was held today. The students representing their respective Houses were filled with enthusiasm as they sat in their respective places. The level of competition for the Senior school was at its best and the winner was Yellow House (St. Mark’s) represented by Md. Rajibul Islam and Hrittik Sarkar. The fight for second place was a close call with Blue House (St. Luke’s) represented by Arnita Banerjee and Divakar Sah overcoming third placed Green House (St. John’s) represented by Vishwaraj Shah and Tasneem Kausar. Blue House came in second with a 5 point difference. It was wonderful to watch the teams fight hard for every point. The Middle School competition was superb and once again Yellow House (St. Mark’s) represented by Tapoja Mandal and Md. Safiruddin steam rolled the opposition by winning with a whopping 80 points. Green House (St. John’s) represented by Trishita Saha and Shubodeep Saha, came in second followed by Blue House (St. Luke’s) represented Zeba Parveen and Shayan Ahmed. All the participants were applauded for their efforts and the winners were congratulated.
  • The Inter-House Spelling Competition will be held on 29th July 2016. Best of luck to all participants with your preparation.
  • 20th July 2016 - Art Competition Results
  • Saturday 9th April 2016 is Founder's Day. We wish all the Parents, Students & Staff a very Happy Founder's Day.
  • Our sincere thanks to all the Staff, Students and Parents for your constant support and perseverance through the year, 2015


Aim of The Institution

The aim of the Institution is to impart sound education by forming in the pupils, good habits of piety, high sense of discipline, virtue and to be useful and loyal citizens of India in their future career.

Medium of Teaching & Curriculum

The Institution is an English Medium School where every effort is made to teach the students to handle English effectively as a written and spoken language. Bengali and Hindi are compulsory subjects as vernaculars. In the three language scheme of Secondary Education the subjects are English, Bengali & Hindi, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History/Civics, Commerce, Accounts, Economics, Computer, SUPW, Value Education, & G.K. Special Multimedia classes are conducted for K.G. Section. The school prepares students to appear for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Examination ICSE and ISC – Science and Commerce, New Delhi.


Application forms are issued from the office after the second week of October for the Nursery and Kindergarten sections and for Class XI Science / Commerce in the month of February. Admission to this school is to be considered a privilege and not a right.

Admission of a student is valid as long as a student maintains the discipline and rules of the School and is an asset to it. The school reserves the right to refuse admission to any child without assigning a reason. Children who complete 3 years in March are eligible for admission to Nursery.

Guardian’s seeking admission for their wards have to produce Birth-Certificates from the Municipal office, recent passport size photograph, Doctor’s certificate of physical fitness and a transfer certificate. Selection is made only after the test and interview along with the parents.

Admission fees and other fees once paid will not be refunded. A student once admitted cannot be withdrawn without a month’s fee paid in lieu of notice.

Co-Curricular Activities

There are various CLUBS for activities and Social Service. Students are requested to take part in all cultural activities such as Dramatics, Singing, Elocution, Debates, Drama, Athletic Meet, Games, Quiz, Essay Competition, Painting, Poster Competition, Flower Arrangement Competition, Spelling Contest, Sandwich Making Contest and especially when school functions are being held. Students are encouraged to participate in various categories of contests organised by other Schools and organisations for the Inter School Fests. There are four houses viz. Blue – St. Luke’s, Green – St. John’s, Red – St. Mathew’s and Yellow- St. Mark’s. All students are expected to take an active part in Inter-House activities. Refusal to take part in all the co-curricular activities constitutes a serious breach of school discipline unless on medical grounds.

Assessments & Promotions

Examinations are conducted at the end of every Term and Regular Reports are given out. Unit Tests are also conducted to improve the performances of the students. Promotion shall entirely depend on the student’s performance in these examinations.

Three Assessments are held during the year April/March.

Promotion at the end of the year will be based on total continuous Assessments.

Passing in Internal Assessments is compulsory.

There is no provision made to conduct supplementary examinations for a student who has been absent because of illness or otherwise.

The results of the AnnualExamination are final and cannot be altered.

In all matters concerning promotion the Principal’s decision is final.


The Principal, guided by the common code of justice and fair play, can exercise his discretionary powers of changing any of the conditions mentioned above in exceptional cases.


Dismissal & Withdrawal

Before withdrawing a student from the school a month’s notice is to be given or two months fee paid in lieu of notice.

A Transfer Certificate will be issued with a fee of Rs 100/-.

A Transfer Certificate will not be issued until all dues to this school have been paid and that too only on receipt of a written application from the parents/guardians.

Any student failing two years in succession in the same class will be struck of the rolls and a school leaving certificate will be granted on request.

A student whose ATTENDANCE IS IRREGULAR, WHO IS HABITUALLY LATE, who does not pay his/her fee, who is lazy or disobedient, WHOSE CONDUCT IS INJURIOUS to the moral tone of the school or incompatible with strict discipline, or whose sickness is liable to be injurious to other students may be issued a Transfer Certificate.

As a rule, students who are dismissed from the school are not to be admitted again. The Principal’s decision is FINAL in all cases of dismissal or withdrawal.


All students are required to wear the stipulated school uniform on all school days. They must come to school cleanly and neatly dressed. Students failing to adhere to this rule may be sent back home. Parents are requested to carefully follow the following specifications regarding the school uniform.



Boys :

Brown Pants

White Shirts with approved monogram

School’s approved Tie, Badge and School Belt, white socks and black shoes.

Girls :

(Nursery to Class II)

Brown and White Tunic

(Class III upwards)

Brown Pleated Skirts

White Shirts with approved monogram

School’s approved Tie, Badge and School Belt, white socks and black shoes.

Winter Uniform

Nursery to Class II

Boys : Brown ‘V’ Neck cardigan with monogram.

Girls : Brown cardigan with monogram and front opening.

III – XII – Boys & Girls : Brown blazer with School monogram. (Compulsory from December to 10th February)

P. T. Uniform

Nursery to Class II

Boys : White Pant, Striped Shirt, white socks & white canvas shoes.

Girls : P.T. Frock, white socks & white canvas shoes.

Class III onwards

Boys : White pants and house colour shirt with approved monogram, school belt, house colour socks and white canvas shoes.

Girls : White pleated divided skirts and house colour shirt with approved monogram, school belt, house colour socks and white canvas shoes.

On Wednesdays all students are required to wear the games uniform.

Uniforms are available at


Treasure Island Market, Shop No. 137, 1st Floor



The school seeks to help the child to develop acceptable behaviour and good habits. Any student found guilty of irregular attendance, habitual late coming, unexplained absence, disobedience or objectionable behaviour which may be considered detrimental to other students or staff of the school will be issued a Transfer Certificate. All members of staff are to be addressed with due respect and politeness.

Students are not allowed to bring or wear jewellery and costly articles to school.

No parents/guardians are allowed to meet with the teachers without the permission of the office. School hours are specified by the school authorities from time to time. Students must arrive in school before the Assembly bell. Students are strictly forbidden to leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal. Running and shouting in the school premises is strictly prohibited.

Personal hygiene and cleanliness are expected from all students. Every student is expected to speak in English. Every student should endeavour to keep up the good reputation of the institution. Any damage or destruction of school property should be compensated by the student concerned.


  1. An Admission Fee and one month’s tuition fee will be charged at the time of admission and any other fees as may be required (if any, and whenever necessary).
  2. Fees must be paid before the 12th of the same month. Fees paid after the 12th will be accepted along with a fine of Rs.10/- for that month and Rs.20/- in the next month. If the fees run into arrears for more than three consecutive months the defaulter’s name is liable to be struck off the rolls. A student may be re-admitted only after all arrears are paid along with a Re-admission Fee of Rs.1000/- only.
  3. The tuition fee must be paid for twelve months (English Calendar months) and broken periods.
  4. Pupils are liable to be charged full fees as long as their names have not been officially struck off the rolls.
  5. No Transfer Certificate will be issued until a written application from the parents or guardians is received and all dues to the school have been paid in full.
  6. Fees must be paid to the clerk-in-charge only.
  7. Fees are received from 9.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. on all working days.


Escorts will not be allowed inside the gate without the prior permission of the Office, they must always carry the Identity Card issued to them. Students of Nursery and K.G. Classes will not be allowed to leave the School premises unless the Identity Card is produced at the main gate.

Duty of Parents

A child’s success in school depends much on the liaison and harmonization of the school and home. The school alone can do very little if there is no support from the home. Parents are requested to peruse through the prospectus carefully and be cognizant of all rules and regulations.

Note the activities of the school and encourage your child to participate in all such school events.

Support the school in all matters of discipline.

Find the time to attend the Parent-Teacher meetings intimated to you through the School Diary and through the Notice Board. Your co-operation with the teacher/teachers will only help your child in the future.

Do not arrange private tuition unless deemed absolutely necessary after a consultation with the Principal. Tuition very often spoils a child’s opportunity to progress and to depend upon oneself.

Responsibility of sending your ward to school and to receive your child at the time of departure is the obligation of the parent/guardian. Please adhere to the timings given.

The responsibility of the school authorities ceases immediately after the school is closed.

A guardian/parent wishing to meet the ward during the school hours should seek prior permission from the Principal’s office.

Guardians/Parents are requested to go through the reports of their wards given by the school from time to time and sign the home work in the diary every day.

General Notices

Parents may meet the teachers during the Parent/Teacher meeting following the distribution of the Report Cards.

Promotion may be refused if attendance is less than 80%.

Pupils should not be sent to school when they have a fever or other ailments even if Examinations have been announced.

Except for emergencies no one will be allowed to leave school before dismissal time.

As a rule Mobile phones are not allowed inside the school. If a phone is brought because of an emergency then it must be deposited at the school office. If the mobile phone is found on the person of a student it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the Academic year.

Boys : Long Hair and sideburns are not allowed in the school. Clean shaven faces are a requirement. No beard or moustache will be allowed.

Girls : Hair must be plaited and eye or facial make up will not be allowed. Repeated offenders will face remedial action.

If there is a BANDH, then the following Saturday will be a normal class day using the ‘Bandh’ day’s routine.

Gallery Glipmse

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  • Founder’s Day Celebration 2016
  • Mr. Krishnamachari Srikkanth's Visit
  • Rabindra Jayanti Celebration
  • Investiture Ceremony 2016
  • Founder’s Day Celebration 2016
  • Mr. Krishnamachari Srikkanth's Visit
  • Rabindra Jayanti Celebration